What You Need To Know About Hiring A Corporate Caterer

What most people do not realise about hiring a corporate catering service provider is that they can specialise in different things. It helps to know what to look out for otherwise, the task of selecting the ideal business; catering business can be confusing and frustrating.

Before speaking with a business catering business, you need to set out a spending plan within which to hire the caterer. You also have to inspect the track record of the industry, and you also have to search for referrals. The way that the business catering company manages the overall coordination of your occasion is another crucial factor.

What to look out for?

The ability to deal with surprises is the trademark of an excellent business catering company. So, make sure to inspect whether the business can manage shocks. Likewise, when choosing the company, make sure to opt for one with whom you are comfy handling. Lastly, and perhaps the most critical factor that you have to address is that of the quality of food being provided.

If you are trying to find a business that offers corporate lunch catering services, then it is necessary for you to get in touch with corporate caterers in Sydney who can provide the perfect corporate lunch catering service. The business that you deal with should be one that fully comprehends the client, and also it should likewise acknowledge the fact that each customer has a distinct requirement.

An excellent corporate lunch catering company is also one that handles your corporate lunch from beginning through till the last guest leaves the place. Various requirements have to be dealt with. These include everything from a sandwich lunch to serving elegant dishes as well as business lunches.

Catering for personal celebrations, weddings and corporate occasions require careful consideration. A catering business has to deliver a variety of services aside from the typical serving of food in private social and business gatherings. Everything depends on the type of celebration for which the caterer has to prepare food. A company that supplies such services need to be able to show that it follows right food storage practices. It should likewise be subject to proper health inspection.

Should I Hire A Caterer

So you have decided to throw a party. Great, now its time to consider all of the things you must do to make it a success. You need to make a guest list, plan decorations, arrange for a DJ, etc, etc. The list goes on and on but one of the most important tasks is arranging for the food. Food and drink will make or break your party. The question you must decide is are you going to hire a caterer or are you going to handle the food yourself. There are pluses and minuses to both.

Catering Yourself

If you decide to cater the party yourself, you will of course save money. Caterers can be expensive and they make up a considerable portion of a parties budget. If you are having a relatively small gathering, it is probably not worth hiring one. You might be better off just buying a few party trays from your grocery store or a favorite restaurant.

Another reason to not hire a caterer is that you will be able to serve exactly what you want, not just what the caterer has to offer. You can have the exact foods that you and your guests like in the amounts that you want.

Hiring A Caterer

Hiring a caterer does have advantages however. Sure they can cost you money but their expertise can come in handy. If you order the food yourself you might over order, wasting money. Even worse you could end up ordering too little and run out of food or drink. That would be a party nightmare, quickly putting an end to the festivities. You want to see a crowded room empty quick, just tell your guests that there is no more food or drink.

Another advantage of hiring a caterer is that it will allow you to completely enjoy your party. No running back and forth to the kitchen or checking to make sure your appetizer tray is full. You can spend your time mingling with your friends or business associates. What good is throwing a party that you cannot enjoy.

Lastly, honestly answer this question. Do you have the expertise to pull it off? Caterers have the experience necessary to make sure that your party goes off smoothly. The food will be ready on time. The drinks will flow smoothly. They have thrown hundreds or even thousands of parties and they will make yours run like clockwork.

Hopefully this article has helped you decide on the direction you want to take your party. Decide carefully, it is an important decision that could make or break your event.

Catering the Bridal Shower Yourself

Planning a bridal shower can be frustrating, especially if you are planning on catering the event yourself. When you are getting ready to host a shower, it is important to take some time for planning and relax. Bridal showers should be a fun time to socialize with friends and family and should not cause stress. Here are ten easy tips to keep you sane when you host and cater a bridal shower.

Number of guests: When you get ready to host a bridal shower, the guest list will determine just about everything about the bridal shower. Work with the bride, or if you are planning on a co-ed shower, talk with the couple. Find out ahead of time, before you begin planning, how many guests they want to invite. The number of guests will tell you where you can have the shower and how many you need to plan for. You might find it necessary to rent tables, chairs and serving platters or plates depending on the number of guests.

Time of day: Another tip for catering a bridal shower by yourself is to determine what time of the day the shower will be held. This can be a huge help when you are planning for food. For example, a brunch will be easier to plan than a shower that is held late in the evening when a dinner is expected. In addition, if you hold a shower in the late afternoon, you will not be expected to cater a large meal. You can plan for simple fare, such as fruit and finger sandwiches. Decide in advance what time of day the shower will be held and it will help keep you sane during the planning process.

Budget: Before sending out any invitations, know your budget. If you are on a limited budget, know what you can spend and stick to it. It will not be fun if you overspend and are left with a huge credit card bill after the shower. Let your bride know your budget and work together to plan a shower. It is possible to plan an elegant shower without spending a lot of money.

Plan ahead and ask the bride: Planning well in advance is the key in hosting a bridal shower. After you have talked with the bride and set a date, you can begin making preparations. If you plan on catering the event, never wait until the last minute. Delaying can cause a lot of stress. Instead, use an event planner or a notebook to record all the of the bridal shower details. Remember that a shower usually takes at least eight weeks to plan, so give yourself plenty of time to make necessary preparations. When you cater the event, know beforehand how many guests you will serve and if there are food allergies or other preferences, such as the bride being a vegetarian. Make detailed shopping lists and know what you will need to buy before going to the grocery store.

Make ahead and get help: Catering a bridal shower can be easier if you know what you are serving in advance and prepare dishes ahead of time. If you are serving casserole dishes, look into making them a couple of weeks before the party and then freezing the items. You can also do this for certain desserts and appetizers. The night before the party is a great time to cut fruits and vegetables, decorate a cake and make finger foods. Making food ahead of time will help cut down on the amount of stress on the day of the bridal shower. Also, consider getting help from others when you plan to cater a shower. It is perfectly acceptable to host a potluck style buffet where everyone brings their favorite dish. You can also enlist help from close friends or family members to help you cook and prepare dishes.

Theme: If you have a theme for the shower, such as brunch, co-ed barbeque or girl’s day at the spa, you can prepare dishes to fit the theme. This will make planning easier and everyone will know what to expect. Having a theme can also help you choose decorations and tableware with ease.

Keep it simple and relax: These are two tips you should remember when planning a bridal shower. Most guests will not remember the lavish dishes it took you all day to prepare. Instead, they will remember the time they spent visiting with the bride. Keep the menu simple and everyone will enjoy the shower and you will not become stressed. Last of all, remember to relax. Take a deep breath and have fun. Do not ruin the shower by obsessing over every last detail. Have a good time and your guests will, too.

Children’s Table and Chairs Sets for Those Little Soirees

Children’s parties need not be a hassle. Instead of clambering up to adult-sized chairs and tables, let the little ones slide easily into their kiddy-sized table and chairs. They will love feeling all grown-up at the party.

Catering to Kids

If you are in the food catering business, you have to meet all the requirements of your clients for weddings, baptisms, school fetes, children’s parties, etc. For the latter, you need children’s table and chairs. It would complete the entire look for a child’s birthday party set up outdoors.

To break from the traditional pink and blue children’s table and chairs, you can request the supplier for custom colors to match with your business logo. You can have varying shades of reds, yellows, and greens. Be prepared with matching plastics – plates and cups, spoons and forks.

You will also need to match your menu to the eat-list of the kids. Perhaps you’ll have funny face cookies, ice cream, and a big birthday cake. You will also need to come up with better birthday party bags. Kids are becoming precocious when it comes to the coveted party bags. But all these would depend on the budget.

For very special catering projects, you can spruce up the children’s table and chairs. Tie balloons to each chair or place a party token on the table, one for each child at a four-seater table. You can also add little party pillows on the seats. Parents will thank you for this consideration.

Preparing for a child’s birthday bash

When there is an order of a children’s party, get the number of kids who will be going to the party. Also check out the number of boys and girls if the parents opt for the traditional blue and pink party theme.

You can also introduce the multi-colored theme. Ask them if they would like to have children’s table and chairs of different colors. If you have pictures of previously catered parties with this theme, show them. There is no doubt parents would go for it.

Check out the venue days before the party. You must be aware of the land if the party is to be held outdoors. Check the distance of the venue to the kitchen if you are allowed to use the family kitchen indoors for your goodies. When this has been confirmed, orient your staff.

Party knockouts

Parties like these hold a lot of surprises. Be prepared for these. You may need extra plates, chairs, and tables. Perhaps you have hired a clown. Check his schedule and if he is new, ask for a demonstration of his work. You may add a few tricks yourself. Also, time how long it takes you to get from your place to the party site.

On the morning of the event, set up the venue with the children’s table and chairs and add all the party trimmings that would delight any child. With everything considered, you are ready for the party.

For your own kids’ parties, stock up on children’s table and chairs in colors they have personally chosen. For a personal touch, you can have their names painted alternately to prevent squabbles. How about that?

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